In the Garden


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Apple Barrel£6.40Add to Cart

Apple Barrel

Barbed Fence£6.90Add to Cart

Barbed Fence

Basket£6.00  £2.00Add to Cart


Beaded Vase£6.50Add to Cart

Beaded Vase

Birthday Picnic Window£10.60  £4.00Add to Cart

Birthday Picnic Window

Bridge£6.90Add to Cart


Chapel Window£10.60  £2.00Add to Cart

Chapel Window

Country House£12.95Add to Cart

Country House

Country Lamp Post£9.95Add to Cart

Country Lamp Post

Country School£12.95Add to Cart

Country School

Covered Bridge£12.25Add to Cart

Covered Bridge

Farm Window£10.60  £2.00Add to Cart

Farm Window

Farmhouse£12.95  £6.99Add to Cart


Fhionas Friends - Windy Day Fhiona£6.25  £1.50Add to Cart

Fhionas Friends - Windy Day Fhiona

Flower Pot£5.75Add to Cart

Flower Pot

Garden Gloves£6.00Add to Cart

Garden Gloves

Gardening Mannequin£10.95  £6.00Add to Cart

Gardening Mannequin

Gazebo Window£10.60Add to Cart

Gazebo Window

Grass Clump£4.20Add to Cart

Grass Clump

Hand pump£7.45Add to Cart

Hand pump

Hanging Pot£5.50Add to Cart

Hanging Pot

Haybale£6.00Add to Cart


Kit - Starter Set£19.30Add to Cart

Kit - Starter Set

Large Fern£4.50Add to Cart

Large Fern

Large Watering Can£6.90Add to Cart

Large Watering Can

Mount Hood£7.95Add to Cart

Mount Hood

Old Barn£12.70Add to Cart

Old Barn

Picket Fence Apple Barrel£6.90Add to Cart

Picket Fence Apple Barrel

Picket Gate£6.90Add to Cart

Picket Gate

Planter£5.75  £1.00Add to Cart


Planter£5.50Add to Cart


Ricketty Shack£9.95Add to Cart

Ricketty Shack

Rock Wild Grass£6.00Add to Cart

Rock Wild Grass

Rope£6.00Add to Cart


Simply Stated - Bee Set£18.95  £4.00Add to Cart

Simply Stated - Bee Set

Simply Stated - Birdhouse Set£18.95  £4.00Add to Cart

Simply Stated - Birdhouse Set

Small Grass Clump£4.20Add to Cart

Small Grass Clump

Small Pot£4.20Add to Cart

Small Pot

Small Watering Can£4.90Add to Cart

Small Watering Can

Small Wild Grass£4.20Add to Cart

Small Wild Grass

TC Vase£7.45  £2.00Add to Cart

TC Vase

Teeny Tiny Grass£3.40Add to Cart

Teeny Tiny Grass

Tiny Pot£3.40Add to Cart

Tiny Pot

Tuft of Grass£4.20  £2.00Add to Cart

Tuft of Grass

Veggie Cart£10.60Add to Cart

Veggie Cart

Wagon Wheel£7.45Add to Cart

Wagon Wheel

WC Brick Column£7.95Add to Cart

WC Brick Column

WC Decorative Urn£7.45Add to Cart

WC Decorative Urn

WC Gate£7.95Add to Cart

WC Gate

WC Half Barrel£6.00Add to Cart

WC Half Barrel

WC Jumbo Decorative Urn£9.95Add to Cart

WC Jumbo Decorative Urn

WC Milk Churn£6.40Add to Cart

WC Milk Churn

WC Ornamental Grass£6.00Add to Cart

WC Ornamental Grass

WC Small Urn£6.00Add to Cart

WC Small Urn

WC Urn£6.90Add to Cart

WC Urn

WC Vase£6.40Add to Cart

WC Vase

WC Veranda£12.70Add to Cart

WC Veranda

Wheelbarrow£9.25Add to Cart


Window Box£6.00Add to Cart

Window Box

Wooden Barrel£6.40Add to Cart

Wooden Barrel

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