Rub-It Scrub-It - Rubber Stamp Cleaning Pad


The Rub-It Scrub-It Padwill clean all of your rubber and polymer stamps, texture tools and brayers quickly, easily and safely.

The thick foam backing protects your work surface while creating a non-skid cushion when rubbing and provides heft to hold on to when scrubbing your stamps clean.

Leave it large for big stasmps and home user or cut it into several pads for easy handling when scrubbing texted items for travel.

Either way you use it the Rub-It Scrub-It pad is tough enough to clean ink from deeply etched crevices. Yet its gentle on rubber and polymer surfaces.

Full instructions provided. Pad measures approx 150mm x 150mm x 20mm.

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Rub-It Scrub-It - Rubber Stamp Cleaning Pad
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