Copyright & Angel Policies for Rubber Stamp Manufacturers we stock

We supply a wide variety of stamps from a host of the leading stamp companies from around the world. Each company has slightly different policies regarding the use and reproduction of their stamps. For your convenience, we've listed a number of manufacturer's here along with their respective policy taken from the corresponding catalogue or packaging at the time of writing.

** Please be aware ** that the policies and wording is subject to change by the manufacturers, so, if you are intending to re-sell items made using their stamps, it is your responsibility to contact the manufacturers directly and ask for their most current copyright policy BEFORE re-selling your items.

As a general guideline the following activities are NOT permitted under any circumstances:

Selling or giving away any media containing electronic, digital or mechanical reproductions of the manufacturers original or otherwise modified images. This includes, but is not limited to, CD's, DVD's and print outs.

As an example, activities which fall into this category include,

  • Stamping out your library of stamps onto paper or card, using a camera, scanner and computer to capture and optionally modify and reproducing the images, then passing them onto or selling them to a 3rd party by means of CD / DVD / USB thumb drive / Email / Printout etc.
  • Selling hand stamped images which you have NOT coloured. Activities which would fall under this category include stamping out an image onto paper, card or another medium and selling it as is, i.e. uncoloured. Again, if you have any doubts please contact the manufacturer for written permission PRIOR to reselling stamped images.

What you may be able to re-sell

Please contact the manufacturer for their up-to-date terms and conditions if you are proposing to resell anything that is made using their images.

Most manufacturers allow you to resell items that you have hand stamped AND hand coloured. This may include items like card toppers, general greeting cards and wedding cards / stationary. To be 100 percent sure, please contact the manufacturer prior to undertaking such activities, and where possible, obtain written consent so that you are covered should a dispute arise.

NB: Manufacturers will actively pursue and enforce their copyrights.

List of Manufacturers and Policies

  Art Impressions
P.O. Box 20085
Salem, OR
Art Impressions Original Rubber Stamps is proud to be an Angel Company. We are pleased that you would choose our stamps for your enterprising projects.
We ask that all such projects using our images are hand-stamped and hand coloured. No mechanical reproduction / manipulation of any kind is allowed. We also require a letter requesting permission to use our stamps in this way & an explanation as to how specifically they will be used. A letter of consent will then be issued to you via return mail.
Thank you again for choosing Art Impressions!

  FunStamps All Stamps are for private non-commercial use.  Most designs can be used by individuals to produce hand-made products for charity fundraising purpose without further permission. Those designs which may not be used, under any circumstances, to produce items for re-sale are identified by this symbol ©. No reproduction of any design by electronic, mechanical, or other means is allowed without prior permission. All rights reserved.

  GCS ArtStamps Images may be reproduced provided they are hand-stamped and hand coloured. Reproduction by any other means without prior written consent is prohibited.

  Hobby Art Images may be reproduced provided they are hand-stamped and hand coloured. Reproduction by any other means without prior written consent is prohibited.

  Magnolia Magnolia are an angel company!
We allow our images to be used on items for resale as long as everything is hand stamped and hand coloured. Please do not reproduce any of our images electronically or mechanically, by means of computers or copy machines.

  Penny Black Terms and Conditions for Limited Commercial Use of Penny Black Stamps and Other Products.

1. Penny Black stamps and images are original artwork created by or for Penny Black, Inc. and subject to full copyright protection.

2. As such, its stamps and images are sold for the personal use of the consumer, without right to reproduce the copyrighted images for commercial purposes.

3. Penny Black, Inc. permits its valued customers the following limited rights of commercial use: All stamp impressions must be made by hand. No mechanical or other form of reproduction is permitted. Only limited quantities, not to exceed 36 per design, may be made for commercial use. In connection with each commercial use within these permissible limits, the user shall clearly display on the project the following: “Image: Copyright Penny Black, Inc.”

4. Commercial use that violates or exceeds the above restrictions is prohibited and shall be considered a breach of the copyrights of Penny Black, Inc.

  Personal Impressions
Our Personal Impressions hand stamps are often used by crafters to create greetings cards, tags and items of stationary etc. to be sold. All Personal Impressions designs are copyrighted and may be use on items to be sold only with written permission from Personal Impressions (E. M. Richford). As a general rule, permission will be granted for production of not more than 100 items in a 12 month period. All items should be clearly marked Personal Impressions © and may only b sold at craft fairs, house parties and similar events.

  Rubbadubbadoo Rubbadubbadoo gives permission for their designs to be used in cards to be sold only if they are hand-made and hand-stamped using a stamp made by Rubbadubbadoo. Reproduction of these designs in any other medium - electronic or mechanical - without written permission is strictly prohibited.

  Rubber Soul Copyright belongs to Rubber Soul and its artists. Stamps may be used on items for resale as long as they are hand-stamped and hand coloured. These images may not be mechanically or electronically reproduced.

  Woodware We are an 'Angel Company'. Hand stamped originals made with any Woodware images, may be sold.

All other content included on this site such as text, graphics, logos are the property of or its suppliers and are protected by copyright laws. The reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication or display of the content on this site is strictly prohibited.

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